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As a personal data controller, MEGAPORT OOD has an obligation to inform you of what to expect when processing your personal data.

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MEGAPORT OOD, as a personal data administrator, processes only legally collected personal data necessary for specific, precisely defined and legal purposes – 1. Production and trade in polyethylene and paper packaging, packaging and packaging machines for all types of goods. 2. Collection, transportation, storage and processing of waste. 3. Performance of all activities, services and proceedings not prohibited by law. MEGAPORT OOD applies the principles laid down in Art. 5 Regulation (EU) 2016/679 – lawfulness, good faith, transparency, accuracy and data minimization

Information that may contain your personal data is processed for the following registers (activities):

  • Human Resources;
  • Counterparties;
  • Internal register of violations of Regulation (EU) 2016/679 and PPE;
  • Notifications of data security breaches;

Human Resources

For the purposes of human resources management, we process personal data of job applicants, current and former employees of MEGAPORT OOD.

In the course of human resource management activities, personal identification data, education and qualification data, health data, contact data, as well as other data required under special laws regulating labor and service relations are processed , tax-insurance legal relations, accounting of activity, safe and healthy working conditions, as well as social issues.

– Collected data is used only for the above-mentioned purposes and is provided to third parties only in cases where this is provided for by law. In such cases, data may be provided, for example, to the NRA, the State Audit Office, the General Labor Inspectorate and other public bodies, in view of their powers and competence. The information is not stored outside the EU and the European Economic Area. MEGAPORT OOD provides the appropriate technical and organizational measures to protect your personal data.

– In connection with the performance of employment or service legal relationships, only the personal data required by law are processed, which are stored within the terms determined by the labor and insurance legislation.

– The requirements of the special laws governing this activity are observed during personnel selection procedures. MEGAPORT Ltd. sets a period of three years for the storage of personal data of participants in personnel selection procedures. When a selection procedure requires the presentation of originals or notarized copies of documents certifying the applicant’s physical and mental fitness, the necessary qualification level and experience for the position held, the data subject who is not approved for appointment may request within 30 -day period from the final completion of the selection procedure to receive back the submitted documents. – MEGAPORT OOD returns the documents in the manner in which they were submitted.

– MEGAPORT OOD also carries out activities to ensure healthy and safe working conditions are governed by a contract with the occupational medicine service in accordance with Ordinance No. 3 of January 25, 2008 on the terms and conditions for carrying out the activities of the occupational medicine services.


In the performance of its activities, MEGAPORT Ltd. processes personal data of individuals for the fulfillment of orders and customer requests. The collection of personal data of customers is in connection with the organization of the supply of the offered goods/services.

If necessary or desired by the customers, MEGAPORT OOD organizes deliveries through courier companies. Courier companies require the provision of the following personal data:

1. recipient names;
2. delivery address;
3. contact phone number.

At the request of the customers, at the legal obligation or at the discretion of the COMPANY, the same has a legal basis for issuing an invoice or other tax document. When issuing an invoice whose recipient is a natural person, the person’s name, social security number or other identifier such as passport number and address are collected.

In these cases, the consent of individuals is not required. According to Art. 6, para. 1 b) and c) of Regulation (EU) 2016/679 of the European Parliament and of the Council of 27 April 2016 on the protection of natural persons in relation to the processing of personal data and on the free movement of such data and on the repeal of Directive 95 /46/EC (General Data Protection Regulation) the processing of personal data is lawful

To the extent that personal data of individual individuals are processed in connection with the execution of these contracts, and they process information in a minimal volume, sufficient only for the exact performance of the obligations under the relevant contract or delivery. Access to this information is provided to third parties only when this is specified by law.

Exercise of rights within the meaning of Regulation (EU) 2016/679 of MEGAPORT OOD in its capacity as a personal data controller:

You have the right to exercise your rights under Art. 15–22 of Regulation (EU) 2016/679 to MEGAPORT OOD for the personal data it processes for you.
When submitting requests for the exercise of rights within the meaning of Regulation (EU) 2016/679 to MEGAPORT OOD, you will be asked to identify yourself – by providing an identity document, by electronic signature or by other methods and means of identification.

Personal data processed in connection with the consideration of individual requests will be used only for the purposes of exercising the specified rights. In this regard, personal data may be provided to third parties only if provided by law.

Internal register of violations of Regulation (EU) 2016/679 and PPE. Notifications of data security breaches.

The specified registers are maintained in relation to the requirements of Regulation (EU) 2016/679 and the Personal Data Protection Act. To the extent that these registers contain personal data, the special order for maintaining the specific register, as well as the order for access to it, according to the Regulations for the activity of MEGAPORT OOD, apply to them.

Privacy Policy Changes

We reserve the right to change our privacy policy.
If you have any questions regarding the processing of your personal data by MEGAPORT OOD, please contact us at the email address:

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