Courier Envelopes

Courier envelopes produced by Megaport Ltd.

Megaport Ltd. produces a wide range of courier envelopes and packs for courier companies, e-commerce, and postal shipments and parcels.

They are made of co-extruded (three-layer) film only from high-class materials in compliance with strict quality standards.

Practical courier envelopes suitable for any kind of documentary and other types of shipments

Our envelopes are offered in different sizes with single or double adhesive tape and are made of high-class materials to guarantee superior protection during the transportation process.
They are suitable for sending documents and bigger parcels that could be packed in courier envelopes.

In all our products and courier envelopes as well, we use a combination of recycled and prime materials for co-extruded films. They guarantee optimal packaging, strengths, and privacy protection of shipments and parcels.

They are an excellent decision for all couriers – courier companies, online shops, shops, offices, and other trade objects sending documentaries and shipments.

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