HDPE and LDPE Flat Bags

Megaport Ltd. offers a variety of polyethylene bags.

As a leading company in the production of polymer packaging, polyethylene bags for food supplies are an important part of our product portfolio.

We produce disposable bags for food packaging to meet the needs of the food industry, households, trade fields, and other industrial companies.

Our main priority is to reach 100% recycling of the used polymer packaging produced by us. This is the reason why all our packaging could be recycled again.

In our product catalog, you will find bags with volumes of 1 or 2 kg, a variety of block bags, and gusseted envelopes.

Types of bags offered:

Megaport Ltd. produces a wide range of polyethylene and polypropylene bags in different sizes, volumes, strengths, and thicknesses for packaging and storing different supplies.

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