Durable garbage bags
with guaranteed quality

Durable and leak-proof trash bags produced by recycled materials

Megaport Ltd. offers a wide range of garbage bags in different specifications. They are all produced by LDPE and HDPE recycled materials.

Garbage bags produced by Megaport Ltd. consist mainly of recycled goods. It is the same for other packaging and packaging materials.

This approach of recycling already-used packaging, film, and bags allows us to implement our mission of saving the environment and minimizing its harmful effects on it.

Garbage bags for industrial and HORECA use

We offer a variety of solutions for garbage bags on roll, loose, with draw-string, with PP-string in the side gusset.

Types of garbage bags we offer:

The product portfolio reveals the following types of trash bags:

Garbage bags on roll

Draw-string garbage bags


With PP string in the side gusset

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