Changes in the company

Промени във фирмата - Мегапорт

We would like to inform you herewith regarding the latest changes in the company following the tragic death of our founder and major shareholder Mr. Miroslav Angelov:

  1. New owners of the company are the daughters of the founder: Ms. Elena Angelova and Ms. Maya Angelova.
  2. New General Manager of MEGAPORT, appointed by the owners, is the former Managing Director (since 2015) – Mr. Daniel Sabev.
  3. Export Sales Department structure and contact persons remain the same: Mr. Vladimir Varbanov / Commercial Director; Mr. Andrey Krumov / Export Sales; Ms. Boriana Urumova / Export Sales; Mr. Vladimir Georgiev / Export Sales; Mr. Miroslav Zhelqzkov / Export Logistics.
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